COVID-19 Church Update

Update 1/28/2021

We are happy to announce that the Church will be reopening with the following COVID-19 restrictions.

see Church calendars for the months of February and March 2021.

Below are 3 different links for reservation to attend Church:

You have to reserve by NAME one spot ONLY

Please read the following carefully:

1.  You must make a reservation on the links above.

2.  You are ONLY allowed to reserve and attend ONE Liturgy per MONTH either Saturday or Sunday, to allow for ALL to have communion.

3.  You are allowed to reserve and attend ONE MORE Liturgy during the WEEKDAYS per week.

(Example: 1 Saturday OR Sunday + 1 per weekday = 5 Liturgies per month)

4.  The number of attendees is 25 per service.

5.  The number of Deacons is 5 per service.

6.  Church doors will be open for air flow (Please dress in warm clothes).

7.  All COVID-19 guidelines will be followed: (Measuring body temperaturesocial distancingdoors open for fresh air flow).

8.  Please if you are sick or have any symptoms like cough or runny nose STAY HOME

9.  Please be committed. Please CANCELL your reservation within 24 hours. If you make a reservation and you don’t cancel or attend, you lose your turn to attend that month due to the limited space.

We pray to God to lift this pandemic and heal our world back safely and open the Churches for ALL again with no restrictions+++  


VERY IMPORTANT: Please watch this link for video tutorial